• Can i send my own item in to be framed?

Yes, we offer a bespoke framing service. please contact us and we will give you a quote and discuss your requirements.

  • Do i send my items to be framed to you, or can i do it myself

Yes you send your iteems to us to be framed, unless it says in the listing description.

  • How long does it take to get my items framed

Please allows 10 working days, most cases it does not take that long. if its for a special ocasion please contact us

  • Do you have a shop?

No, we sell online only or at public signing events

  • Can i collect my item to save on postage?

No, Sorry its mail order only.

  • Do you offer any discount to dealers? 

Yes we do, but you will need to contact us first with your details and we will then let you know what discounts we can offer. All trade orders are subject to a minimum value order.